About us

Maison AROMAX was founded in Freiburg in 1984 by Mr. Laurent Neury and Mr. Claudio Zandonella-Callegher. Since 1990, the headquarters of AROMAX have been located in Savièse, Valais, and Mr. Claudio Zandonella-Callegher is the current CEO. Our Maison of food distribution aims to perpetuate a highly valued Swiss culinary tradition. Over the years we have developed a range of products that are more in tune with the tastes and habits of our customers, and this is largely due to our broad network of direct sales. Changing consumption patterns has led us to create this Shop, which over the coming years will introduce our products to a wider clientele.

As for our loyal customers, with the help of our Shop, they have the opportunity to view all of our products and familiarize themselves even more with our Maison. Thanks to the loyalty and trust that you have placed in us for many years, our cherished customers, this Shop has been realized and we thank you warmly! To you and to all our customers to come, we pledge to continue offering a range of increasingly varied products, and ones increasingly adaptable to your individual needs and tastes.

We wish you a pleasant visit and look forward to having you among the faithful lovers of the flavors of AROMAX!