Beef broth

This easy to measure powdered product can be used simply and quickly to make a delicious broth It contains no more than 2% fat! Ideas for use: Simply sprinkle the product during preparation. Use to enhance vegetables, soups,sauces, rice and pa..

Beef broth special

Our beef bouillon paste is delicious and not very salty. It can be prepared without any other seasoning, and makes an excellent consommé. It is our most full-bodied broth! Ideas for use: 20 grams (1 tablespoon) in 1 liter of boiling water makes..

Chicken broth

Our chicken bouillon paste is deliciously scented, but not very strong. Its distinctive taste is loved by admirers of fine cuisine. It is the most aromatic broth in our selection! Poultry consommé, rich in chicken meat and low in fat. Ideas for us..

Fit-o-max vegetable broth

Fit-O-Max paste is an excellent vegetable broth! Although it contains salt, naturally iodized, there is nofat, making it ideal for different diets; in fact, it only has 3 calories or 11kj per 100ml! Ideas for use: Fit-O-Max diluted in boiling w..

Vegetable extract

Since powdered, it is easy to use and easy to portion out. A hint of celery gives it a special flavor. Our vegetable extract contains less than 2% fat! Ideas for use: Dilute 20g of powder (1 tablespoon) in 1L of boiling water. You will get a d..

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