Beef broth

This easy to measure powdered product can be used simply and quickly to make a delicious broth It contains no more than 2% fat! Ideas for use: Simply sprinkle the product during preparation. Use to enhance vegetables, soups,sauces, rice and pa..

Beef broth special

Our beef bouillon paste is delicious and not very salty. It can be prepared without any other seasoning, and makes an excellent consommé. It is our most full-bodied broth! Ideas for use: 20 grams (1 tablespoon) in 1 liter of boiling water makes..

Cafe de paris butter spicy

If one were to choose, it would be Paris Café! Enjoy it spicy! Ideas for use: With a really good flavor, this sauce is ideal for all grilled or roasted meats. Also perfect for preparingdifferent sauces. According to taste, allow it to melt dir..

Cafe de paris butter with fine herbs

If one were to choose, it would be Paris Café! Enjoy it with fresh herbs! Ideas for use: Specially designed to accompany escargots, this sauce gently accompanies all sorts of grilled or roasted meat, potatoes, vegetables and pasta. use it to e..

Café de paris butter with garlic

If one were to choose, it would be Paris Café! Enjoy it with garlic! Ideas for use: Gently melt over roasted or grilled meat, potatoes, pasta and vegetables. Ideal for making garlic bread:stuff buns, baguettes, etc. with the garlic paste and p..

Café de paris butter with green pepper

If one were to choose, it would be Paris Café! Enjoy it with green pepper! Ideas for use: With the typical taste of green pepper, this sauce gently backs up all sorts of grilled or roasted meats! Use it to enhance the flavor of potatoes, veget..

Chef's seasoning

Ideas for use: For seasoning all kinds of meat. Particularly appropriate for the maturation of marinades and forseasoning pieces to be put on the grill. Also especially used on poultry. This spice mixture adheresvery well to pieces of meat. Sprink..

Cream sauce

This creamy sauce in powder form is simply prepared with milk. Economical and convenient! Ideas for use: Dilute 30g of powder (2 tablespoons) in 300ml of cold milk, stir well and cook for 5 minutes over low heat. Allows you to advantageously ..

Demi-glace sauce

With this sauce you will get easy bases that allow for many variations. Unleash your imagination! Ideas for use: Dissolve 25g of powder (1 rounded tablespoon) in 250ml of cold water and cook over low heat for 3 minutes. Refine your tied roast ..

Liquid aroma

This liquid condiments will give any of your dishes an aromatic flavor! Ideas for Use: Universal liquid condiment. Ingredients: Water, hydrolyzed vegetable protein, salt. Nutritional Value: per 100 gr 72 kcal / 306 kJ 14 g prot..

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