Alcofit isotonique

To achieve optimum performance before training or a competition, the body needs sufficient liquid, energy and electrolytes. Alcofit Isoton is based on the principle of isotoning. This means that the body is quickly fed essential substances (like mine..

Bircher without added sugar

A müesli rich in grains with no sugar added! With a hint of apricot. Ideas for use: A müesli in a brand new form. Tasty and energetic ingredients: 7 whole grains: oats, barley, corn, soybeans, millet, wheat and rye; nuts,apples, bananas and a ..

Fresh pasta

Treat yourself to a trip to Italy each time you enjoy our excellent fresh pasta! Our fresh pasta made from durum, wheat semolina and eggs are eaten "al brodo", accompanied by adelicious "al pomodoro" or cream sauce, or just with a dollop of butter..

Juniper-molasses -1kg


Tuscany extra virgin olive oil

Our olive oils hail from just south of Tuscany, 80km from Rome, more precisely from the shores of Lake Bolsena. Our producer cultivates four thousand trees above this lake and doesn't use any treatment products whatsoever - all the oils are organic. ..

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