Ingredients: 750g tomatoes (12 average) 400g red pepper, green (medium 2) 200 g peppers, red (medium) 300 g cucumber (on average half) 10 g of pepper (a small green) 40 g almonds, whole (25 WITHDRAWN ) 5 g garlic (1 clove) 80 g onion (medium 2) 2 5 gestr.Eßl gestr.Eßl vinegar olive oil 2 1 pinch pinch Italmix Aromax Condi Mare Aromax
1 pinch of pepper, black 40 g of wheat bread (2 slices)
Preparation: 1 tomato cut with a sharp knife cross with boiling water, peel and squeeze out the seeds. Paprika clean, peel the cucumber, cut into small pieces both. Wash the peppers, remove the stem and remove seeds, coarsely chop the almonds. All in a pot of mashed up with the hand mixer or blender cutter bar.
2. Peel the garlic and onion and chop finely and add to vegetable soup. Spicy Abschmekken with sherry vinegar, 3 tablespoons oil, salt and pepper. About 3 hours in a cool place.
3. centimeter long roll wheat bread and brown in a pan with the remaining oil.
4. Serve ice cold Gazpacho soup plates, sprinkle with bread cubes.
Calories: 147.49g Carbohydrates : 20.95g Fats: 4.41g Protein: 5.90g Cholesterol: 0.00mg Roughage: 8.43g