Meals Category: For 1 Person
400 g sirloin
3 gestr.Eßl butter
250 g cabbage (1/2 pieces)
250 g cabbage (1/2 pieces)
200 g leeks (2 sticks)
50 g carrots, young (1 piece)
4 gestr.Eßl bean sprouts
1 g Condi Mare Aromax
2 g Masala spice paste (1/2 tsp)
3 g chili pepper (1-2 pods)
2 gestr.Teel chives
1. Sauté beef in 1 tablespoon butter all around, in a hot oven at 200 degrees (fan: Level 3: 180 degrees / gas cooker) finish cooking it in about 15 minutes.
Meanwhile clean and wash vegetables, cut into strips. Rinse sprouts cold, dry shake. Peel the carrot and finely stifteln. Cut beef into strips.
2. Residual Heat the lard, beef strips until crispy, remove from the pan and keep warm, then add vegetables and cook crispy, season with Condi Mare Aromax, Marsala and chili.
Meat miterhitzen short, serve immediately.
3. This fits basmati rice.
kcal: 773.49Kohlehydrate: 15:56 gFette: 37.67 gEiweiß: 93.17 gCholesterin: 264.55 mgBallaststoffe: 28.12 g