For 4 people:
1 small chicken is tender, 3 lemons, 50 g butter, powder 1 pinch of thyme, 1 dl cream, salt and pepper. Cut chicken into 4 morceaux.Coupez 2 lemons; squeeze in 1 1/2 to extract the juice; put the lemon juice in a bowl, sprinkle with seasoning Chef Aromax, beat lightly with a fork to mix well put the chicken to marinate in this ssaisonné juice for at least one hour. Drain the chicken, pat dry in a clean cloth or household paper. Put the butter in a pan, heat it when it is hot, but before it color, throw in the chicken pieces and let them brown over high heat, turning the wooden spoon for they are colored on all sides. When the pieces are golden brown, wet them with a large glass of water, add a pinch of thyme. Once the liquid is boiling, reduce heat, cover and cook 20 minutes over low heat. When the chicken is cooked, book chaud.Augmentez the fire under the pot to halve the cooking juices. Cut into slices half a lemon; press the remaining whole lemon, put the cream into the pan; Mix well with a wooden spoon and allow to thicken for 2 to 3 minutes fire moyen.Eteignez heat, add the lemon juice; adjust the seasoning sauce: nappez-in chicken pieces, garnish with lemon slices.
Serve with cooked rice Creole