Ingredients (for 4 people): - 800 g zucchini - 800 g tomatoes - salt - butter - 100 g grated cheese
Preparation: Wash zucchini and tomatoes, cut into slices, sprinkle with salt and leave to disgorge. Butter a baking dish widely, put them in alternating layers zucchini sprinkled at will Condiment Garlic Aromax grated cheese and tomates.Assaisonnez each layer with Italmix Aromax and finish with grated cheese and a few knobs of butter. Cooked 45 minutes in a medium oven and serve hot.
Variation: You can add this gratin potato slices (half cooked in water beforehand), of oil-fried onion sliced and seasoned with nutmeg, and boiled egg slices. Then it is a complete meal for the evening meal.