4 people;
4 tournedos of 200gr
2 slices of raw ham
4 slices of cheese
5cl port
4 slices of country bread
50g butter
1 tbsp oil
Italmix Aromax
Chef seasoning Aromax
Sprinkle the steaks on both sides with Seasoning Chef Aromax Preheat oven to 210 ° .Meanwhile heat 25g of butter and tablespoon of oil in a fire stove vif.Dorez ahead tournedos on each side briefly. Before disposing tournedos in a buttered baking dish, cover with half a slice of ham and a cheese strip, overcome a knob of butter and sprinkle with Italmi xAromax
Put in the oven and count 6-7 min., Until the cheese slightly melted. Meanwhile, degrease the pan and deglaze with port supplemented with 2 tbsp eau.Réservez the sauce in a bowl.
Melt the remaining butter in skillet and brown-y bread slices on each side. Arrange the steaks cooked on bread slices and place on a preheated platter. Pour sauce.